US Chamber of Commerce, Spain - energy conference

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US Chamber of Commerce, Spain - energy conference

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Don't know if this might be of interest to any of the Powerswitch members who reside in Spain (most are probably sensibly far from Madrid anyway!).

The American Chamber of Commerce is setting up an annual conference on "Energy and Technology", and the first one is in Madrid on the 25th-26th June. One of the "round table" discussions is specifically about Peak Oil, with Mariano Marzo on the panel (he's a head Professor at Barcelona University and one of the most important PO speakers in Spain). Anyway, it's a "business do" and rather expensive at 1200? a head, so I for one won't be going! But I've just posted the event at the Spanish ASPO site ( - hopefully they'll send a representative there who will ask awkward questions and do a write up afterwards - it's something they've done at other events. If so then I can post a summary here in English if anyone's interested.

Conference programme available in English and Spanish at the American Chamber of Commerce website. English version (364kb pdf file)
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