forum for the danish PO aware people

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forum for the danish PO aware people

Post by thorgal »

relatively new (about a year old). Denmark is a small country so the forum is not big yet but it increases and will anyway attract more and more people as awareness is spreading. The problem is that Denmark is a cosy country where there still is a relative energy independence. But not for very long ...
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November 24th

Post by lads »

This is a repost, by suggestion of thorgal.

I'm one of he very few peakoilers living in Portugal.

Around here we are trying to make something happen in Thanksgiving.

As you people probably know Thanksgiving 2005 is the symbolic date chosen by prof. Deffeys as the Oil Peak day. The idea is to use this date to bring the Peak Oil issue to the largest number of people possible simultaneously.

Time is short, so major events might be out of the question; but we can use our favorite mean of communication to achieve something, the internet. I believe that if a large number of people mailed every contact in their electronic address book in the same day with the same thing we could achieve something.

This e-mail might be just a short intro on the subject with a bunch of links to the major websites on Peak Oil. Here we have a slideshow in Portuguese almost ready; English speaking folk could just use something already done (there?s plenty over the web), like the flash presentation here in PowerSwitch ( ... nimoil.swf).

To such thing work, first it has to be shared with the largest number of peakoilers possible, and finally in the last Thursday of November the major broadcast would take place.

Anyone in Denmark wants to join in?

Any thoughts on this?
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