New Agriculture Act

What can we do to change the minds of decision makers and people in general to actually do something about preparing for the forthcoming economic/energy crises (the ones after this one!)?

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New Agriculture Act

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As of today: ... e-act2020/
What we secured in the final Agriculture Act

Much farm support will now be based on delivering public goods or benefits – supporting farmers whilst helping deliver on top priorities like nature protection, soil health, climate change mitigation, clean air and water, and animal welfare. Environmental Land Management and other policies across all four nations should be better as a result. But there is more work to do on implementation.

A mention in the Act for agro-ecology, soil protection and far greater recognition of the role of whole-farm approaches in delivering sustainable food and farming. All valuable steps...
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Re: New Agriculture Act

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This has been the direction of push in the industry for several years now so I'm not at all surprised. I'll have to read the detail to see what the improvements are. The required iprovement of banning all "novel" chemicals won't be there though.

There is a lot of talk about Regenerative Agriculture around the fringes of farming and in environmental groups but many think that where it is being implemented alongside chemical farming it is a waste of time as the chemicals are killing off the soil microbes upon which regenerative agriculture depends for fertility and soil structure.
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