Two dead cats

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Two dead cats

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I've posted this thread on this subforum because, if it is what i think it is, it is a response to ever worsening conditions, a response to the desperation facing financial ruin.

We've had 2 cats die from the same odd symptoms, in the same place and at the same time of year; each died one year apart- the most recent today, the other over last new year. They died from extraordinarily high blood pressure which initially caused blindness then organ failure, and in the same rural location (North Stainmore).

I think they've picked up tainted bait put out for anything with an interest in killing Pheasant/Grouse chicks, poultry and ducklings, of which there are all roundabout. I think the perp hasn't used a conventional poison because it would show up in the carcass of the deceased animal, and knowing how badly f***ed you can get for killing a Buzzard who wants to get busted? I think someone has used something that will cause death as an indirect result of ingestion, and something that passes out of the victim's system before death and cannot be detected. A blind Stoat will live on for a few days before dying, and both cats have had to be put to sleep rather than it were.

Does anyone know of any similar cases, know of any use of any such chemicals/substances to taint a bait item, or think i might be overthinking this one? It stinks to high heaven to me; the killing method is too clean and perfect, and the circumstances and just too coincidental.
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Sorry to hear of your losses.
Might I suggest approaching the charity "cats protection" to see if they are aware of any similar cases ? and also the RSPCA.
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It does sound like poison. I bet the farmers are fighting back against the red kite epidemic etc. I doubt a vet would make much headway looking for poisons - except on TV.
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Sorry for your loss.
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