Another Free Energy devise?

Hydro-electricity? Fusion? Thermal Depolarization? Do we have any other real alternatives? Including utility scale energy storage.

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Another Free Energy devise?

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Received this email
Dear Friend,

Revealed the first energy generator thats
violates all law of physics and humiliates
top scientists even after 84 years..

Big Energy shut us down 6 months ago...
but now we`re back, and we`re here to stay.

They may not like it... and they may lose
billions because of this... but now, people
have the means to make their own electricity,
and cut the cord that ties them to the
greedy legal monopolies...
It probably is a scam but I'm intrigued to know what sort of scam but not brave (or stupid) enough to risk a virus on my computer.

Anyone know anything about it?
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