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TEQs & Transition Communities

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Saturday 22nd November 2008
11am to 5pm

A day of workshops to help us Act Local and Think Global.

An open public meeting hosted by OUDES : http://www.oudes.org

Come and meet a wide variety of people working and volunteering for Sustainable and Transition communities, mostly in South East England.

Share your experiences and plans for the future, and take the time to explore the issues Society must inevitably face, to deal with both the risks of Climate Change and the unfolding Energy Crisis.

In small groups, we will look at the chaos erupting in the Environmental, Energy and Economic spheres and try to make sense of their interconnectedness and the disconnects.

We will also pose questions on whether national and local government policies are being undermined by the state of the real world, and how decision-making may need to shape up fast to address rapidly emerging problem scenarios.

The key to adapting to all these challenges is to have committed activists working to build resilience, skills and cooperative networks in local communities, and we will explore how to give support to those that take action.

We hope this day will grow hope for those helping to bring about social change in these complicated times.

We see the change. We call the change. We bring the change. We are the change.

Date and Time : 22 November 2008, 11am to 5pm

Venue : St Ethelburga's Centre for Reconciliation and Peace
Address : 78 Bishopsgate, LONDON EC2N 4AG

Directions : 5 minutes walk south from Liverpool Street Station.
How To Get Here : From London Liverpool Street train station, make your way from the main concourse onto Bishopsgate, not Liverpool Street, and turn right. St Ethelburga's is tucked in between office buildings about 5 minutes walk from the station, across several junctions, and is accessible by a narrow garden gate from the main street if the main door is locked.

Map : http://www.multimap.com/maps/?qs=EC2N+4 ... tryCode=GB

Registrations : send an e-mail to : jonathan@sustainableredhill.org.uk

Advertisement : http://www.oudes.org --> "News"

OUDES is the Open University Development and Environment Society


There are several groups who will be presenting and leading workshops at the OUDES Conference. There will be a couple of key speakers and facilitators available to help navigate the discussions throughout the day. The headline topics include the following :-


Climate Safety : Zero Carbon Britain : Climate Change Bill : what does the science require ?

Security or Sustainability First ? The "Shock Doctrine" versus the Sustainable Communities Act.

Ecotowns : Zero Carbon new homes or Retrofit and Renewables ?

Credit Crunch : Economic collapse or opportunity for a Green New Deal ?

Climate Disaster : Mounting environmental catastrophes, charity fatigue, the Millenium Development Goals and International Aid.

Activist Burnout : doing too much ? Repowering and reconnecting ourselves with a Joanna Macy workshop.

Transition Towns : How to keep on keeping on.


Refreshments : Bring your own lunch. Drinks and biscuits provided.

Suggested contribution for the day : £6 [ £4 concession/members ]
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