Richard Heinberg's new book 'Peak Everything'

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Richard Heinberg's new book 'Peak Everything'

Post by Aurora »
This issue is an edited version of the Introduction to 'Peak Everything: Waking Up to the Century of Declines'.
Can't wait for the paperback. :)
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Post by RenewableCandy »

Wow thanks for the link in French, I need to brush up on all the new words! I like DURABLE, it sounds so much more chunky and less wussy that its English equiv Sustainable!
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Post by SunnyJim »

When is the paperback due?

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Post by Aurora »

SunnyJim wrote:When is the paperback due?
The paperback should be available on the 7th November.

http://www.DODGY TAX ... 08&sr=8-19
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Post by Bandidoz »

Not at all what I expected.

With the title, "Peak Everything", I had imagined this book would provide some detail along the lines of the "Earth's Natural Wealth - An Audit" article in New Scientist issue #2605 ("World Stripped Bare") along with some analysis on the consequential impacts on efforts to mitigate the combined effects of fossil fuel depletion and Climate Change. I really looked forward to its release. Surely it is reasonable to expect such content according to the given title? Alas, no such luck.

Instead, what's provided is a series of musings that Heinberg has written during his Peak Oil Campaign touring. As always, his writing is lucid and most of the metaphors presented are simultaneously interesting yet useless for depletionists (e.g. the commonalities between human and parrot societies). I couldn't help but feel as though Heinberg has decided that, due to (unspecified) limits of availability of precious metals, that the only realistic future is a return to old-school agriculture and that all modern technology and knowledge will disappear. Unlike "The Party's Over", which I couldn't put down, I really had to persist with this book. The introduction, as well as some of the content towards the end of the book is of some use, but I still can't help feeling disappointed with it.

Much as I would like to, I really can't think of anyone whom I'd recommend this book. I would still direct novice depletionists towards "The Party's Over", experienced depletionists will already be familiar with most of the blog discussions from which a fair degree of this book has been stimulated ("The Oil Drum" / "Transition Culture" etc).

I would really like to see Richard Heinberg get away from the bloggers and once again delve into some new information and statistics that will be useful to depletionists. Perhaps release a 3rd edition of "The Party's Over", including a section on real, quantitative limits of various materials. He is in danger of disappearing up his own backside with his persistent over-analysis of old material. Heinberg is ruminating into diminishing-returns.

Rating 2/5. ... ns_005.htm
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Post by emordnilap »

What happened to peak oil?

Recommend starting at 10 mins. in. The final section (after the interview) is quite interesting, good to know people are still talking about energy slaves.

Heinberg gets a panning from the two commenters (who obviously haven't listened to the interview) below the podcast.
There is still a lot to worry about: climate change, overpopulation, mass migration, proliferation of nuclear weapons, geopolitical reconfiguration, the potential for war, the demise of white civilization as a result of the schemes of deep state of the US empire, etc., etc.

But the energy depletion story has been wiped of the map. Fossil is going to be replaced by renewable without a glitch. There is no energy problem.
First paragraph: correct. 10/10
Second paragraph: see me.
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