Need an insulated cooler

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Need an insulated cooler

Post by adam2 »

Can anyone recommend a decently insulated picnic cooler, which does not of course actually actively cool.
I seek not a Peltier effect refrigerator but a simple well insulated box in which already chilled food and drink will remain chilled for as long as possible.

The last cheap one was total rubbish. Not well insulated, and fell to bits after very little use.
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Re: Need an insulated cooler

Post by Lurkalot2 »

When we could re-enact we were faced with the same "problem" and obviously couldn't have anything modern on show. Hidden in the tents we have what are called basta boxes , commercial boxes for chilled goods that seem to be made of a harder polystyrene. To save the cooks having to keep disappearing into the tents i've made a chest that is lined with 1" kingspan insulation taped together with the silver tape regularly used for that insulation. We'd tend to put a bottle of frozen fruit juice in there which helps keep it all nice and cool.
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