Planning permission for wind turbine/generator

Can Wind Power meet the energy needs of Britain in the 21st century or is it just a lot of overblown hype?

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Planning permission for wind turbine/generator

Post by sunandwindy »

I wish to apply for planning approval for a wind turbine. The guy's in the planning office say they have no objections, though it does need to go through the planning application process.

So basically good news so far. The planning office suggested I download a planning application form from here - ... and_en.pdf
There is a help file here... ... and_en.pdf
(you need the latest version of Adobe reader to view the forms as you can actually enter and print text to the form, but not save them with your text).

If you've downloaded the form, you'll see they're not exactly laid out for the application of PP of a wind generator. What would be helpful is for some kind sole who has successfully been through the above planning application process to let me have a look at their form to see what they entered and supplied to the planning office.

Here's hoping :)

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Post by breezyenergy »

Happy new Year! Wish you good luck!
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Post by RenewableCandy »

What sort of WT is it? I heard that for building-integrated renewables, you no longer need PP (though there are still building regs and the dreaded Part Pee to consider). Mind you the trouble with WT on buildings is the energy output is seriously pathetic.

Now, apparently you're not the only one lacking experience here, in fact yer typical Council Planning bods also lack experience when it comes to dealing with Renewables. There's a special body that's been founded to help them with it is. They might have a branch that helps applicants also.

PPS1 ("climate change") and PPS22 are your friends. Your council might have a Merton-Rule-type strategy of its own as well.

Anyway good luck, and welcome to the forum.
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