New tidal turbine, Orkney

How far can the power of the sea contribute to the energy needs of the UK?

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New tidal turbine, Orkney

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Not a future proposal, but an actually existing machine that is generating a useful 2 Mw of power. The economics are doubtful at present, but that was once true of wind and solar.
This is a floating machine, not a fixed barrage. Possibly an obstruction to navigation, and therefore not suitable for congested waters.

Such technology shows considerable promise, particularly for powering offshore islands. The output though variable can be predicted far into the future. Any large scale use of this technology could produce power 24/7 since tide times differ around the coast.
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Re: New tidal turbine, Orkney

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There have been a couple of fixed working machines in the entrance to Strangford Loch in Northern Ireland for a few years now so the concept is hardly new although the floating bit might be. This would enable their deployment in deeper waters the same way as wind turbines are going.
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