Growing limited crops on poor soil.

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Re: Growing limited crops on poor soil.

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Catweazle wrote: Tue Mar 02, 2021 7:53 pm I recently learned that it's possible to grow potatos in grass clippings, it made me wonder if I should start cutting more land for hay and spreading it on my veg patch. I'm in favour of "concentrating" the veg into a smaller area tightly spaced, to minimise weeding, so building s small area of great soil is more important than keeping a large area of average fertility.
Keep a cow or some milk goats in a shed zero grazing the land and use the dung produced to fertilize the gardened area.
I've also concluded that free-ranging my pigs is not doing my soil any favours, as they regularly concentrate on a small area and strip it back to bare mud, which can't resist erosion.
That depends on timing. If you can take the pigs off in time to plant a cover crop for the winter you will have some excellent soil for the following spring.
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