Transition tips?

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Transition tips?

Post by nexus »

My feeling is that Transition initiatives are the best chance we've got to build resilience for the problems that are likely in the years ahead.

Could anyone on the forum already involved with transition let me know their best tips- what has worked well in their group? what has really made a difference?

The group I'm involved with is just getting off the ground; we've obviously all read the handbook etc but real life experience from people further down the path from us would be invaluable.

- thanks in advance
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Post by biffvernon »

You're welcome to look at our website:
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Post by Eternal Sunshine »

Great website Biff - we're in the early stages of seeing if there's any interest in setting up a Transition initiative in my local town of Leyland.

Louth's website is quite inspiring, thanks. :)
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Re: Transition tips?

Post by JohnB »

nexus wrote:we've obviously all read the handbook
Is that obvious? I talked to someone who was involved in trying to get a Transition group going who hadn't, until I suggested she should.

I also get the impression that some people who get involved aren't aware of Permaculture, even though it's a vital part of it.

I've also heard of a group that's not doing too well because one person is taking on too much of the leadership.

I think these are all things to try to avoid.

I haven't got very involved in my local group yet, but hopefully that will change soon.

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