The latest fusion milestone

Is nuclear fission going to make a comeback and plug the gap in our energy needs? Will nuclear fusion ever become energetically viable?

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The latest fusion milestone

Post by marknorthfield »

'Researchers at a US lab have passed a crucial milestone on the way to their ultimate goal of...' (delete original text and insert alternatives as appropriate)

I'll go with 'securing continued funding until 2050.'

It's curious how technological progress is seen as an inevitability. We're jolly well on the way to the ultimate goal, people. Look, another crucial milestone! All our energy problems are going to be solved! You knew they'd think of something, because they always do. Move along now, move along.

I'm guessing the author of the article hasn't ever read The Archdruid Report. Mr Greer has had quite a bit to say recently about the religion of progress, including a rather arresting juxtaposition of two particular images in a recent essay. ... eaven.html
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Post by RenewableCandy »

Crucial Milestone?? Haven't they even gone metric yet??
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Post by woodburner »

Hands up those who have heard of a kilometrestone.
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Post by emordnilap »

A stone? A kilometrekilogram, Shirley.
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Post by biffvernon »

'securing continued funding until 2050.'

But as we know, commercial fusion is (and always has been) 40 years away, not 37.
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Post by Tarrel »

Interesting that the milestone in question was to exceed an EROEI ratio of 1.

Before long it'll be up there in the dizzying heights of some of the shale oil production!
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