Transport evolves or goes back to basics

Our transport is heavily oil-based. What are the alternatives?

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Transport evolves or goes back to basics

Post by Stumuz2 »

Good idea for city centres, gives me hope that we will adapt and the decline will be a little gentler. ... tudy-finds

I have been thinking about this for a while. I don't think self driving cars are really going to catch on. But the technology is now developed enough for driverless HGV trucks on designated routes. The trucks would trundle at 50mph up motorways to large distribution centres where the smaller electric vans are waiting to take the payload to local distribution centres, where you will go to pick up your parcel or have it delivered.
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Re: Transport evolves or goes back to basics

Post by Mark »

Could be part of the transition, but only in a few big cities....

Some issues I'd foresee:
1. The availability/width of cycle lanes - although they are slowly improving
2. Security - too easy to nick a bike or a parcel ?
3. UK weather - particularly the further North you go - customers won't want wet packages
4. Employees - only the young/fit/weatherproof need apply
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Re: Transport evolves or goes back to basics

Post by PS_RalphW »

Electric small and medium vans are rapidly appearing on the market. Lower running costs offset higher purchase price and some fleet operators are putting in big orders, I think including ups. Major manufacturers are ramping up production. Larger cargo delivery bikes, some electrically powered, have been around for decades, but have not taken off in the UK.
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Re: Transport evolves or goes back to basics

Post by kenneal - lagger »

Why bother to put cables over motorways when we already have an electric railway set up almost next door in the case of the M1 and M4 that can take hundreds of containers at a time at 70mph with just one driver or even, Unions allowing, no driver and in much greater safety as the steering is taken care of by the rails. Why not go back to the basics which started the whole national transportation of goods in the first place.
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