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I think I'll be the country bumpkin if any one is going to be one! I'll try to get this Welsh thing done... i reckon it'll be dim problem...
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welshgreen wrote:John pembrokeshire is a great place to live. What part takes your fancy?
North west corner. I spent most of the time around St Dogmaels, and just over the border in Cardigan. Apparently the planners in Pembrokeshire are more enlightened than in neighbouring counties (they'd need to be for what I have in mind :D), so it's probably best not to stray over the border. I met some nice people, and there's interesting stuff going on around the area. I'm open to suggestions about other parts of the county though (and other parts of Wales, England and even Scotland!), but Pembrokeshire (despite the hills) could well persuade me not to return to the West Country.

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I dont go up there much, im down in the south most of the time around the haven.
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