Energy Beyond Oil evening, Hereford, 7/9/05

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Energy Beyond Oil evening, Hereford, 7/9/05

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"Energy Beyond Oil"

7.30pm to 9.30pm,
Wednesday 7th September
Canal Road Day Centre,
Canal Road, Hereford

By invitation of Herefordshire Friends of the Earth

Paul Mobbs, author of the new book 'Energy Beyond Oil', will present a short lecture and discussion on the issue of our energy future:
* Why are fuel prices rising?
* How much energy do we use?
* What's 'peak oil' and what does it mean for us?
* How much oil and gas is left?
* Can renewable energy make a difference?

Using the most recent statistics from national and international organisations 'Energy Beyond Oil' explores the entire energy issue -- how it is used, how much there is, and how current trends make higher energy prices/energy shortages inevitable. However, in the longer term our use of fossil fuel-based energy sources must be curtailed. Even with the use of renewable energy sources, this will require a significant change in our lifestyle.

The presentation is roughly an hour long, and this will be followed by an open discussion so that those attending can clarify any of the issues raised. There will also be an opportunity to buy a copies of 'Energy Beyond Oil' book.

Canal Lane is located in Hereford city centre, not far from the railway station. For a map of Hereford, showing Canal Lane, go to:

For more information about 'Energy Beyond Oil', see the project web site at:
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