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Arrange a meet-up, start a community or tell us about an event in the area.

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Post Carbon Aberdeen

Post by simonrichards912 »

Sorry for using the Powerswitch forum for this, but has anyone heard of the Post Carbon Institute Relocalisation Network initiative?

There are two UK Post Carbon groups, one in Leeds and the other in Bristol. I would like to start a new group so that Scotland is represented. If anyone has any experience of this let's talk.

It's all well and good talking about peak oil and its effects on this forum. We can engage Joe Public and tell him about Peak Oil, but you can only do that once. We need to find some way to engage the general public and I suggest that the way to interest them and motivate them is to actually do something. I don't think we can wait for Govt. to do anything, any movement to change lifestyles has to come from the grassroots, individuals and communities.
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Post by clv101 »

A friend and I are responsible for Post Carbon Bristol... it's embryonic at this stage but we have grand plans - watch this space. The process of setting it up was very smooth, you should get in touch with PCI - they're great 8) .
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Post by Joe »

And I'm responsible for the Leeds group - see URL in my signature, below :)
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