Aberdeen Oil & Gas Depletion Group

Arrange a meet-up, start a community or tell us about an event in the area.

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Aberdeen Oil & Gas Depletion Group

Post by simonrichards912 »

I am trying to assess the interest in forming a group of like-minded Peakers in Aberdeen, with the intention of spreading the message through events such as organising speakers. At this stage though I'm trying just to gauge interest.

Please contact me via this message board or e-mail using my ID on the left at ukonline.co.uk


Simon Richards
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Post by Jane »

Hi Simon,

I'm not always based in Scotland but when I am I'm in Ayrshire so probably a bit far away. Would definitely consider coming up to Aberdeen for PO events etc, if I'm around. Good luck, and let me know any events you have going on and I can pop them up on the Powerswitch events calendar too.

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Post by rabbit_hop »

Hi Jane, Simon and anyone else - I've just joined this discussion group, having first heard about PO through a series of articles that the Independent newspaper ran in the spring. Since then, been trying to educate myself about the problem and get ideas about what to do!

I live in Edinburgh, but could travel by train to Aberdeen if there were to be a PO event staged there.

Are there any other Edinburgh-based members of this discussion group?

Regards all
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Post by clv101 »

Euan Mearns from The Oil Drum is based in Aberdeen, drop him a line through the site.
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Post by oakesme »

I live in the Borders/Edinburgh and would be interested in a meetup in North or South Scotland. Sooner or later. Always up for a peak oil chat. Would people be interested in a meeting in Summer or wait till Autumn/Winter?
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Post by enso »

Hi, sounds like a good idea. I'm pretty much limited to S Scotland - Glasgow would be best for me but Edinburgh/elsewhere would be fine too. Something soon would be good.
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