South Tyneside - Is there anybody out there?

Arrange a meet-up, start a community or tell us about an event in the area.

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South Tyneside - Is there anybody out there?

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Hello I'm new to the forum. Is there anyone on here who lives in or around South Shields? I am thinking of putting an ad in the local free paper to see if we can have a meeting or some sort as I feel really lonely around here - noone seems to know or care about our impending crisis and I would love to get togethr with like minded folk and see if we can work together.
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Post by Rasputin69 »

Yes! I've PM'd you. Hoping to start up what I have dubbed, 'Whitburn&Cleadon in Transition' very soon, but I need to meet people from the area and I'm not in Shields that often because of uni! Please keep in touch though, I aim to get a small, informal meeting sorted before Christmas!
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There's a company or group of companies pushing Insutu Coal Gasification in your area, I think. That would produce hydrogen and is being sold as a clean, carbon free technology but I think that there is a danger that the carbon from the coal could be released from underground at some time.

I think that the equation is something like

C (the coal burnt insitu) + plus initial heat + Oxygen (limited air) = CO (carbon monoxide)

Then steam is injected so

CO + heat + H2O (steam) = Hydrogen and CO2 (which is scrubbed out and supposedly left behind in the ex coal seam although if there was too much it would put the fires out)

Part of the equation is exothermic so there is not so much added heat as it seems as first look.

Something to watch out for.
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