Brighton Permaculture Trust courses & events

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Brighton Permaculture Trust courses & events

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[b]Introduction to Permaculture 17-18 February
Permaculture Design Course 3 March-10 June
Green Architecture Day 10 March
Building with Straw Bales 6-8 April
Mushroom Cultivation 14-15 April
Self-building an Earthship 20-22 April
Introduction to Permaculture 21-22 April
Practical Permaculture Gardening 28-29 April
Building with Cob 12-13 May
Care of Fruit Trees 19 May
Self-building an Earthship 1-3 June
Building with Hemp Lime 9-10 June
Introduction to Photovoltaics 16 June
Self-building an Earthship 6-8 July
Forest Gardening 7-8 July
Building with Straw Bales 20-22 July
Fruit Tree Grafting 8 September
Introduction to Permaculture 15-16 September
Apple Day Brighton 23 September
Self-building an Earthship 5-7 October
Building with Rammed Earth and Chalk 13-14 October
Introduction to Permaculture 17-18 November
Planning and Planting a Small Orchard 1 December[/b]
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