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Guild of Green Economists

Posted: Sun Oct 23, 2011 8:54 pm
by biffvernon
Dear Green Economists

At the recent Schumacher Centenary celebrations in Bristol, Molly Scott Cato ran a well-attended session to try to build a group of people with the focus and skills of an economist. An organisation, to be called the Guild of Green Economists, was launched.
Its website is a place for us to share what we know about what works, whether that is about conducting an audit of local resources, setting up an energy-services company or a local currency, community bank, local bond or credit union. We can share our experience with co-housing, Community Land Trusts and other forms of community based housing provision, share ideas for gaining access to land and for supporting people with issues surrounding the current planning system, develop skill-sharing networks
and investigate localism in work.

We have created a place to discuss the issues at Guild-of-Green-Economists Google Group. ... conomists/
If you feel you can make a constructive contribution please join the group and join the discussion.
Biff Vernon