'Food Freedom Day'

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'Food Freedom Day'

Post by emordnilap »

This link takes you to a piece showing that Canadians now have cheaper food - they earn enough to pay for their year's food by an earlier date each year.

It's hyped as 'good for consumers' and bemoans the deals the farmers get. It's a similar idea to the graphic date showing when the human population passes the world's carrying capacity, which is also getting earlier each year.

Over in the Feasta website, it has been mooted that they produce an 'Emission Debt Day', when each country exceeds it's fair share, as part of their campaign to get Cap and Share into a wider domain. As the date changes, each country could see if things were getting worse and celebrate if the date is pushed into the future.

What do you think?
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Post by RenewableCandy »

We could have an Oil Debt Day and a Gas Debt Day for when the UK has used up all the said fuel that has been home-produced, rather than imported.
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Post by Initiation »

well this site about 1/2 way down states 1.675 mbd in 2007.
http://www.odac-info.org/UK%20Oil%20and ... uk-iea.htm

this fits in with monthly production from here including NGL estimating the production for November and December http://www.og.dti.gov.uk/pprs/full_production.htm

That would mean a deficit of around 45.6mb a year. Which is 25 days use. So Oil debt day for the is on the 7th December. Not too bigger headline at the moment but certainly this date will get earlier and earlier every year.
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