Widespread misuse of red diesel fuel.

Our transport is heavily oil-based. What are the alternatives?

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adam2 wrote:I have since heard, a very cynical and very un PC explanation for the widespread misuse of red diesel fuel being tolerated.

It seems that in some areas that most of those illegally using red diesel fuel are Asian/muslim and that prosecuting them might be considered racist.

As discussed elsewhere on these forums, there was a considerable reluctance to prosecute organised rape gangs for reasons of "social cohesion" So if rape was semi-tolerated, why worry about a bit of red diesel fuel.
To the extant that is the truth that is a much bigger problem then the lost tax revenue. Justice can only be true justice if it is applied uniformly. To exempt a minority , rich or poor, makes a mockery of a legal system. And yes the USA has work to do on both ends of the issue but I don't know of any rape gangs being tolerated here as of yet.
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This sort of saving "social cohesion" just gives ammo to the racist scum. Perhaps them and the rapists can share a cell.
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