The Planetary Flexitarian diet

How will oil depletion affect the way we live? What will the economic impact be? How will agriculture change? Will we thrive or merely survive?

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Vortex2 wrote:
I bought a chuck roast for $11.00 that weighed 4.38 pounds-1978 grams. That one piece of meat is supposed to last me 141 days? I sub divided it into five packages for steak and eggs breakfasts.
That would cost $18 minimum in the UK.

I have tea and toast for breakfast and our colonial friends eat STEAK ....
It was a bargain at $2.49/lb. vs. $7.99/ lb for the steaks beside it obviously cut from the same steer. Steak and eggs with home fried potatoes on the side ( or grits in the South) are traditional for working men and soldiers in the US. Not being that physically active I can't justify it every day but do treat myself to it whenever I have a active day planned.
Being a cheapskate I put two meals into each freezer bag planing to have one on say Monday and the other on Wednesday or Thursday. Of course that employs a great bit of optimism about my future activity levels.
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kenneal - lagger wrote:Good luck getting hold of rice when the Mekong delta stops producing in a few years, Ralph!
And what has the Mekong delta got to do with rice ?
Rice in the UK comes from tesc0, as any fule knoweth. :lol:
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