Local Government and PCC Elections 2016

What can we do to change the minds of decision makers and people in general to actually do something about preparing for the forthcoming economic/energy crises (the ones after this one!)?

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Local Government and PCC Elections 2016

Post by AutomaticEarth »

Not sure who our police and crime commissioner is (and do not really care), but not too sure who to vote in the council elections. Currently I'm looking at UKIP, as the Tories are not doing too well around here lately.

How will you all vote?
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Post by PS_RalphW »

I only have the PCC vote round here. The choice is Con/Lab?lib/UKIP.

No green or independent standing. I don't like any of them much, the Tory will win because the locals would elect a bankrupt mass murderer if it had a Blue rosette. Curiously, we have a limited single transferrable vote - ie we have a first and second choice. That is to make the 15% turnout we got last time look slightly less embarrassing .

I will probably put lib first and lab second, because the other two are vile.
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Post by kenneal - lagger »

I've got a similar choice to Ralph and am wondering who is the most likely to give the Tories a bloody nose. I would so like that.
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Post by AutomaticEarth »

I had a very limited option for the local vote.

It was between Labour, Conservative, and UKIP. I voted UKIP for the local councillor, and my first choice for PCC was also UKIP, and the 2nd choice was for a local zero policing officer (ie ex police). How about everyone else?
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Post by Snail »

I voted SNP for first vote. Scottish Greens for second.

To say I was underwhelmed by the SNP hopeful would be an understatement. But no choice of greens for first. Otherwise, I'd have switched to greens first and second.
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Post by UndercoverElephant »

I voted labour in my council ward, which is a tory/labour marginal, and green in both the county council elections and PCC elections, both of which I expect the tories to win.

My wife is locked away at the local count. Got a new job as head of communications at Hastings Borough Council.
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