Anyone Want to do a PO display in Somerset?

Arrange a meet-up, start a community or tell us about an event in the area.

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Anyone Want to do a PO display in Somerset?

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I posted the following in the Events section a few days ago, without response. Perhaps it should have been here. The deadline for bookings is today (26th May), but can probably be stretched a bit.

There's a "Wonderful World" event at Watchet in West Somerset on 24th June, organised by various local groups. It will include displays by various local groups, live music etc, with a strong bias towards environmental and fair trade issues. A talk on climate change has been organised, and I suggested that a display on PO would be a good idea. The response was "what's peak oil?", so I think it's badly needed in this unenlightened part of the world :D

I'm going to be busy with other displays. Is there anyone who would be available to put on a PO display. The main event runs from 2pm to 5pm.

Let me know ASAP, and I will tell the organisers (who are friends) to make room.

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