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Picked up a flyer advertising for competitors on Mastermind at the uni the other day. John Humphreys is a bit outspoken of late - wonder if he has any say in the selection process.

Would be great exposure tho-

"And today your specialist subject is Peak Oil and the decline of industrial civilisation..."

Imagine the audience - :shock::? :( :( :o :cry: :? :( :shock: :cry:

Maybe a topic that is a little less explicit - 'The Presidency of Jimmy Carter' or something. Mr Humphreys does a little chat about the specialist subject with the contestant before going onto the general knowledge bit. Anyone with a real grasp of Po energy issues could really sock it to them, I reckon.
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Hehe yes . . . "Petrocollapse and the social and economic implications of global die-off".

Could be fun. :D
Andy Hunt
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