Life of diesel in car?

Our transport is heavily oil-based. What are the alternatives?

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vtsnowedin wrote:
Catweazle wrote:
ReserveGrowthRulz wrote: Price here just JUMPED to $1.60. I had been paying $1.35.

Lousy oil market manipulators, causing the price of oil to be greater than $0!!
We pay five times as much.
I know and have often wondered how HMG has squandered all the revenue raised by such high levies. One would think your highway infrastructure would be the pinnacle of perfection and efficiency with the vast sums available to accomplish that before any were skimmed off to balnace some other less worthy account. :roll:
To be fair, our motorways and major trunk roads are pretty good and the government is spending a lot of money improving them. The problems we have are that most of the time they are at or near capacity so you end up with delays and traffic jams. An accident that closes a carriageway of the M25 (circular motorway around London) for an hour will affect the road and the surrounding area for the rest of the day.
On the other hand local roads seem to have been neglected for years, vehicle damage due to pot holes is a real concern in my area.
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