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Some reading you may find useful, written by those in the medical world who get in to trouble for daring to think. Tim Noakes who has just been cleared by the South African authorities after a case brought by a know-nothing dietician, and Gary Fettke in Australia (though not one of the authors), forbidden to give nutrition advice because he is not qualified to suggest to his patients a low carbohydrate diet would mean it less likely he would have to amputate their leg(s). Again a case brought by a know-nothing dietician. That is not to say all dieticians know nothhing, but I bet I know more than many of them, and so do you.

Diabetes Unpacked ISBN 9 781907 797583.

Just to twist the knife, the “studies� that showed red meat could cause cancer? There were two groups of rats, one a contrrol. BOTH were given a powerful carcinogen, then one group was fed a low calcium diet, and at the end of the study none were found to have cancer, but their intestines looked funny. So eat grass fed red meat and enjoy your plant based diet.

Oops, was this off topic?
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As a fellow type 2 diabetes sufferer low(ish) carb diets make a real difference to blood sugars and lose weight. Fat seems to make little difference to health provided you don't eat vast amounts of the stuff but will help fill you up.

NHS talks about 'balanced' diets with a decent amount of (delicious) carbs but I gather things are slowly changing in that respect.
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Balanced diets and Medeterranen diets are rubish terms used by authorities who are chanting a mantra while understanding little.
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Has anyone else noticed that due to HMG's assualt on sugar (and BTW I entirely approve of eating less sweet stuff!) it's now all but impossible to avoid ruddy Aspartame/Aminosweet in fizzy drinks/'soda'?

I never drank much of the stuff anyway but I resent this. Aspartame/Aminosweet is believed carcinogenic by many and shouldn't really be in the general food chain. People these days SIMPLY HAVEN'T THE TIME to research every single food ingredient: really it's HMG's responsibility to keep the harmful stuff off the shelves. It's what we pay them for ffs.
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We keep our own apple juice and bought orange juice (no added sweeteners) in the fridge along with a bottle of tap water. Cold tap water added to a quarter of a glass of natural fruit juice makes a wonderfully refreshing drink and not too sweet either. Alternatively, I make a large jug of herb tea, cool it and then fridge it in a bottle. Wonderfully refreshing and no sugars at all.

Who needs sweet, fizzy drinks?
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Thankfully I've never felt happy drinking sweet drinks, 'soda' etc. It always leaves me feeling the need to flush out something.

Our ordinary tap water is very refreshing and satisfying.
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