What killed Bathampton park and ride.

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What killed Bathampton park and ride.

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For some years it was proposed to build a large park and ride facility at Bathampton on the outskirts of Bath.

There was considerable opposition to the scheme due to the destruction of countryside to build a giant car park, and of course more parking encourages more driving even if a bus is used for a small part of the mileage.

TPTB seemed very determined to press ahead with the scheme despite opposition.

The very suddenly the scheme was dropped. Actually CANCELLED not just "re-evaluated" or calls for more studies and consultations.

A local source of rumour suggested that the sudden announcement was due to threats made against councillors. "cancel it or we will kill your kids" sort of thing.
Whilst I am glad to hear of the cancellation, I cant support mob rule or threats of violence. Anyone got more info ?
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Our local FOE group has been taking part in the national campaigning for clean air and we would love a Park and Ride for Newbury to get some of the traffic out of our town. It's about the only thing the local authority can do about the areas of the town where air quality is below standard.

We have the Newbury Bypass which takes the north/south through traffic away and makes a massive difference but it's the through traffic from Basingstoke and the south east which, when added to our local traffic, takes the emissions above the limit in some areas.

I've used the Oxford park and ride quite a few times and it works really well and is not at all inconvenient. It's much preferable to sitting in a traffic jam in a car trying to get into a parking space in the town centre.
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