Driverless cars

Our transport is heavily oil-based. What are the alternatives?

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This piece on Guido about Louise Mensch is relevant to the issue of Fake News. ... qus_thread

She admits that she has no evidence for something she "believes" and has tweeted her belief. It sounds to me like rubbish that Putin arranged the killing of Andrew Brietbart.

Again, however, I think Andrew Neil is misrepresenting her argument about ADHD and Superpowers. I don't think she says what he claims she says. What she says is that people with ADHD see patterns in things that other people don't. Whether those patterns have any validity or predictive function, of course, is a completely different issue.

Basically he claims she said something that she didn't (she went part of the way, but not all of the way he claims).

It remains, however, that she is a fool if she publishes assertions for which she has no evidence. (regardless of the distinction between belief and reporting).
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Some interesting thoughts on AVs here: ... ving-cars/
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Uber stops driverless car operations after one crashes when another car refused to give way.
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A fun list of other consequences of AVs (linked to in the comments below that previous link):
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