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Post by Brad » ... 177207.ece

Will it create much of a stir? Doubt it.
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Post by snow hope »

Brad, I am very aware of these price rises and have cut the time we have the heating on in the evenings, in order to conserve the oil and make it last as long as possible. In the early summer I got 900 litres for ?254 from, now it is close to ?400!

People on low incomes are bound to suffer. I would say it won't be long until people are really brassed off about paying ?400 for a 900 litre fill-up. :(
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Post by mtoner »

I know I'm coming a bit late to this discussion but there's a new site thats just started (exclusive to Northern Ireland for a change) that shows a list of about 18 different oil suppliers in Northern Ireland and how much they charge for a standard delivery of 900 litres.

The prices might increase by ?3 for credit card over debit card payment but its well worth a look.

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Welcome, Peter.

As Em says insulate, insulate, insulate.

I've been pushing this scheme which would make an 80% difference to most people's energy bills. Some might save a bit less but they would be a lot warmer for their money.
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Excellent Ken. Chimes in with my ideals too - the fact that banks were given money directly is one of those instances of real life as satire. It was a huge joke and the laugh is on us.

If there was going to be free money, it should have been fed in 'at the bottom' and made to do some real work, by either paying off loans or, in the absence of a loan, going into sensible schemes like yours.

Why on this benighted earth were we so crazy as to allow the bailouts? No need to answer that. Just vote for people who promise to get the money back. :wink:
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