Woodfuel increasing in popularity

To what extent will biofuels be part of our energy future?

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I've got about 10 tonnes of bought softwood (£100) and a couple of tonnes of birch logs to cut up and about 5 tonnes of three or four year old fallen oak to retrieve from the common. There's a fresh fallen oak just outside my common gate and its other half about to fall next to it. So that is probably another five tonnes.

They were a pair of acorns that grew up together and the wind got one and now the other is starting to lean more. Funnily enough the windward one fell first and now the downwind one is catching the full force of the wind. A good gale should send it over: that's if I don't get to it first.
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Got another trailer full of wood today. Got some more seasoned oak and a load of scots-pine - very red-orange wood under the bark. Will cut it all up next weekend when I next have day-light to do it. Eldest son helped me this time.
I have a new heavy full-size axe as a bithday present from eldest son and used it to split a load of logs collected last weekend. First class job - number 7 printed on the axe - must indicate the size.
Son wants to start a wood log business - coming up with lots of ideas and excitement - dad will help him along I imagine! :)
Biggest issue is a good reliable supply of wood and the 6 months seasoning it will require before bagging - I really am going to need to buy a wood and go the MikePeppler route I reckon. :)
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Get your son to have a read of arbtalk will give him some ideas 8)
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