petrol pump advertising

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petrol pump advertising

Post by oobers »

How about we advertise on the top of petrol pump nozzles? Provided the media company don't have messages vetted by the oil co's we could possibly get away with a message like "Think this tankful is costing a lot? When Peak Oil kicks in, things could get much worse. Go see Powerswitch bla bla" That is a bit tame actually. We could come up with something a bit more hard hitting, I'm sure :twisted:

The media co I have found that does this is Alvern Media. Their rate card is here:
Now all we need to do is raise ?35K :roll: It would be quite a coup though wouldn't it? And I bet there might be some spin off media coverage as the embarassed oil co's try and pull the plug...
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Post by ianryder »

Or we could save 35k and print our own stickers and go round and do them ourselves! Probably get better coverage when the media picks it up :-)

Obviously I'm only speaking hypothetically as I'd never encourage anything illegal :roll:
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