Anti-Zionism, the Labour party and free political thought

What can we do to change the minds of decision makers and people in general to actually do something about preparing for the forthcoming economic/energy crises (the ones after this one!)?

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Anti-Zionism, the Labour party and free political thought

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The problem Jeremy Corbyn has as told in this article is that many British Zionists are conflating disagreement with Zionism with anti-Semitism. This is the poison; using guilt over the Holocaust to to make criticism of the politics of the Zionist theft of Palestinian land and the murder of Palestinian protesters entirely impossible.

Yes violence in Palestine is wrong but it is wrong for both sides. The theft of land is wrong as it amounts to Ethnic Cleansing and it is not the Palestinians who are thieving land to build new settlements.

I have been careful to refer to Zionists as I know that there are many Jews and Israelis who deplore the actions of the Zionist government of Israel as much as I do. I am not anti-Semitic as I am taking a political stance against the politics of Zionism. To deny me the right to disagree with someone's politics is to side with the Nazis. (I chose that last word carefully and I stand by my choice.) I am not a supporter of Corbyn, just of free speech, free political thought and the right to live in peace in one's house without the fear of having it stolen.
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Nice to hear a tory admit that. Yes, that is what this is all about.
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