Massive New Tory Electoral Scandal breaking

What can we do to change the minds of decision makers and people in general to actually do something about preparing for the forthcoming economic/energy crises (the ones after this one!)?

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/more on the Manchester bombing:

John Pilger: Terror in Britain: What did the PM know?
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fuzzy wrote:If they just stated, dictatorially:
much less immigration, huge lorries out, cars + planes hammered, massive cycle + canal support, land ownership reform, environmental strategy that isn't for the Duke of Westminster, tariffs where helpful, public ownership of common monopolies, no profit basic retail banking run by gov, social housing to give people choices, taxation that works, an end to grovelling to pensioners, parents, lobbyists, the city, the US etc. at everyone else's expense, lobbyists on a gibbot, 1/2 of whitehall, MPs and Lords scrapped, local gov no bigger than a 1/2 day walk in diameter, reintroduce 100s courts. Replace modern legal system with a computer program, saponify the lawyers, judges and other cronies - basically a strategy for a contracting economic world etc.
You could add in about reforming the voting system radically; incentivising local food growing with national sharing (to avoid deficiencies); for every megawatt of electricity produced by wind and sun, a corresponding reduction in fossil-fuelled generation; a livable allowance of electricity and water free, prices to be trebled or more for excess use; banning the use of heavy fuel oil in shipping; revitalising the flax industry for clothing, paper; a travel tax for long-distance commuters; subsidising moves to be nearer work; Tobin tax; massive national insulation scheme; preventative health education and demonisation of junk food etc etc etc.

Actually, many of the above can be achieved simply by introducing TEQs.

Unfortunately, no-one realises the world is contracting economically. How can this be? We're wealthier than any time in history! :roll: :roll: :roll:
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Getting back to the negotiating Brexit thing: Craig Murray (diplomat, therefore knows a thing or two about negotiations overseas!) has come down squarely in favour of Corbyn and his team for Brexit negotiations.

(sorry, can't get link to work! It's from his blog)
The delusion she would negotiate well has been fed by the media employing all kinds of completely inappropriate metaphors for the Brexit negotiations. From metaphors of waging war to metaphors of playing poker, they all characterise the process as binary and aggressive.

In fact – and I speak as somebody who has undertaken very serious international negotiations, including of the UK maritime boundaries and as the Head of UK Delegation to the Sierra Leone Peace Talks – intenational negotiation is the opposite. It is a cooperative process and not a confrontational process. Almost all negotiations cover a range of points, and they work on the basis of you give a bit there, and I give a bit here. Each side has its bottom lines, subjects on which it cannot move at all or move but to a limited degree. Sometimes on a single subject two “bottom lines” can be in direct conflict. Across the whole range of thousands of subjects, you are trying to find a solution all can live with.
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Also contains "Cheerful thought for Monday morning" piece on dear Amber Rudds prospects......
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