Waterford Nuclear Plant, USA.

Is nuclear fission going to make a comeback and plug the gap in our energy needs? Will nuclear fusion ever become energetically viable?

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Waterford Nuclear Plant, USA.

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"Damage has been reported at the Waterford nuclear power plant in Louisiana. Offsite power was also lost. This is a critical failure for a plant, leaving it dependent on diesel generators to keep reactor systems cooled. Power could be out as long as 3 weeks in the region."


Not seeing this reported anywhere else.
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Re: Waterford Nuclear Plant

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Certainly a little concerning, but only a little concerning.
On-site diesel generation is installed for just such an event. Provided that this is reliable, and has 100% spare capacity, and that ample fuel is stored then all should be well.

In case of doubts as to the reliability of the on-site diesel generation, then hired in generators are a possibility. In the UK these are readily available up to about 1,000 kw/1,250 kva. Probably bigger in the USA. multiple units can be used as needed.

I expect that the grid connection will be restored in a lot less than 3 weeks, restoring grid connections to nukes is a high priority.
"Installers and owners of emergency diesels must assume that they will have to run for a week or more"
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