nuclear power too expensive

Is nuclear fission going to make a comeback and plug the gap in our energy needs? Will nuclear fusion ever become energetically viable?

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Eclipse wrote:................ But his theory doesn't apply in this situation if the population tops out due to a Demographic Transition and we have a stable energy supply for all our needs.
Not if but when population tops out and the UN has predicted that by 2050. We are almost at the point of reproducing at less than the replacement rate worldwide and the additional population is coming from the excess of young people in the population at the moment.

Climate change disasters are also likely to have a toll on population as food shortages leading to malnutrition spread through the third world reducing populations.

As we get less and less people the need for nuclear power reduces. Also as the availability of net energy decreases we will have less and less resources available to safely decommission old nuclear power stations and store the irradiated waste. Or will all that waste go into new reactors so we will then eventually end up with only one which has to be stored somewhere. Or will that one be designed to vanish up its own arse?
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