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We started an offline discussion about ID - how to identify people in order to do effective Carbon Rationing.

My view is that we can avoid a national ID database scheme, with the issuing of ID Cards. I think we can identify people in a very decentralised fashion, using the Local Authority Democratic Services.

People get on the Electoral Roll and then get a Carbon Ration. One person, one vote, one Carbon Ration.

Or we could use local teams of ID verifiers to make sure that everyone who comes forward for a Carbon Ration is either on the National Insurance system, has a National Health Service number or is on the Electoral Roll.

We could use systems of neighbour accreditation, if that fails. I can vouch that my neighbour has lived next door to me since X years ago, and I have known this person under the name of Y. Yes, I can ID her, so she should be entitled to a Carbon Ration.

What are your proposals for IDing people ?
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Nice idea. I spent years and years off the electoral roll when I was a student/young-professional: I moved so often (average once per 6 months) the thing just never caught up with me.

When elections came I had to move heaven and earth to get them to put my name (always spelt wrong) on a register somewhere (once I had to travel 200 miles just to put a cross on a piece of paper). I never missed a vote, but under that scheme I'd have spent years and years unable to use any FF energy!

I think the NI system is a much better bet. You don't have to renew it every time you move house!
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Re: TEQs & ID

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jo wrote:@ShaunChamberlin

We started an offline discussion about ID - how to identify people in order to do effective Carbon Rationing.
Hi Jo, apologies that I had missed this one too. I think the key piece of work on this is part of the DEFRA pre-feasibility study (despite all the flaws with this piece of work overall, as discussed here).

The "Technical Feasibility and Cost" report can be accessed here and the discussion of ID verification runs from p.11 onwards, discussing a number of options. I would agree with their contention that ID verification should be no more complex than that required to claim benefit.
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