Film on David Fleming's influence/legacy (now in production)

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Film on David Fleming's influence/legacy (now in production)

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Details of the film and all else developing around Fleming's work available here.

Including forthcoming events in the UK and US, news of a Spanish translation of his now award-winning books, reading groups from Ireland to Malaysia, a nice plug in an excellent piece from Richard Heinberg, and the latest eye-widening reviews of his writing:

"An extraordinary book ... One of the greatest thinkers you’ve probably never heard of ... The concept of a “lean economy� is provocative and will, I predict, eventually enter into mainstream debate ... An invaluable resource ... There is so much more to these books than could possibly be hinted at in a review ... Wisdom waiting to be discovered ... The dictionary has grown a small thicket of bookmarks reminding me what to follow up next ... If I had to pick only one book to save and pass along to future generations, this would be that book."

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