TEQs and Fee and Dividend

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TEQs and Fee and Dividend

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Can anyone out there give a good comparison between the two schemes, TEQs and Fee and Dividend? Which might work best, especially for the less well-off?
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In many ways the current glut is an argument for TEQs.
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Shaun Chamberlin wrote:Here you go Tom:
http://www.darkoptimism.org/2015/12/21/ ... d-or-teqs/
Shaun, this to me is such an important bit, worth repeating:
Let’s start with why both TEQs and F&D are excellent ideas that would represent a radical break from the status quo.

Both are ways of ensuring that society finally gets serious about addressing our climate challenge, neither is open to the extensive corporate windfalls that characterise existing ‘Cap and Trade’ schemes (which have no effective cap, and thus are really just ‘Trade’ schemes) and both would protect the poorest in society as energy prices rise to take account of the impact of the carbon therein.
Something has to be done. I've said for years, anything that actually, physically mitigates humans' negative effects on the biosphere is a Good Thing, so F&D, TEQs, whatever, gimme. We're still a long way off even talking about the problem properly (outside PS).

However, in's worth remembering (firstly) there's been a shift in public attitudes towards politicians here in Ireland, with an unorganised left-leaning rump gaining a significant number of seats in the last election; (secondly) it's similar to Corbyn's rise to prominence (and possibly Sanders'). You can only hope that climate change action (if it ever arrives) will follow a similar path, favouring downstream solutions. Ireland's favoured solution, C&S, is somewhat upstream of course. Gimme that!
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