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RenewableCandy wrote:
Alain75 wrote:TEQ is junk compared to high flat redistributed tax à la Hansen
At the moment I'm inclined to agree, with the proviso that the tax-and-redistribution process is transparent and simple enough that people can, from one annual "statement of account" and a few articles on the News, understand exactly what's going on.
Yes but the redistribution should be done monthly I think, on a true direct accounting of the tax, because the only issue I see with respect to redistributed tax compared to TEQ is that people will have to pay "in advance", but considering the figures wouldn't be a problem with a monthly direct credit on an account I think.

For instance in France with the "carbon tax" that was talked about and never materialized, plan was to have part of it redistributed through an annual "cheque vert" or "green check" but the amount was already defined for the first year with different amounts rural/city or something, so that it made everything muddy nobody understood what this thing was.
For it to work it should be very clear :
- what percentage of the tax revenue is fully redistributed, 100, 90, 80 ?
- reditributed part credited monthly, with clear rules related to adults and children defined

In any case the two systems should be compared with actual numbers and figures to understand what is being talked about.
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