As 2021 dawns, how do we fill our future with fewer 2020s?

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Shaun Chamberlin
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As 2021 dawns, how do we fill our future with fewer 2020s?

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As we move into 2021 under yet another lockdown, I'll be cheering myself up by leading the next run of 'Surviving the Future: Conversations for Our Time' (course now full and enrolments closed), connecting and plotting with 100 people committed to making our future a better place.

Many talk as though last year's challenges were a unfortunate one-off, but those on this forum know that the future is full of 2020s - and worse - if we continue on the path we are on. The pandemic is not some external ‘act of God’ event threatening our globalised way of life. It is a direct consequence of our globalised way of life, with its international flights, vast supply chains, incursions into the last vestiges of wilderness and all the rest.

Covid has brought a taste of death and disruption home to much of the global north, and we can use this to catalyse a deeper sense of compassion with those already long suffering the consequences of our society's way of life. Doing so brings a deep determination to change our course. Or simply to prepare for the consequences.

So this will be a wonderful opportunity to heed the message and explore joyous, wholehearted paths forward through these extraordinary times, with some of the most compelling thinkers around, including David Abram, Eve Annecke, Rob Hopkins, Nate Hagens, Lucy Neal, Richard Heinberg and Chris Smaje. I can't wait!

Meantime, click the below image for an update on all that continues to unfold as David Fleming's legacy guides so many of us through these times, from the latest translation of his books and academic papers on his work to the events to mark the 10th anniversary of his death, advocacy in the papers, and even discovering a new band named for his work via Radio 6!

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