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Hundreds of wind turbines could be sinking....

Posted: Wed Apr 14, 2010 9:26 pm
by Mark
Hundreds of wind turbines could be sinking due to design flaw: ... llion.html

Hundreds of Britain's offshore wind turbines could be sinking into the sea because of a design flaw. It is believed the concrete used to fix some turbines to their steel foundation can wear away, causing the power generators to drop a few inches. The fault was first discovered at the Egmond aan Zee wind farm in the Netherlands and affects those with single cylinder foundations.


Posted: Fri May 21, 2010 2:04 pm
by RenewableCandy
People use this kind of misfortune as ammunition in an anti-wind-power argument. I think they're firing blanks.
Energy company engineers are now urgently investigating what extent the turbines have been destabilised. If repairs are necessary then turbines will be shut down one at a time to prevent energy losses.
Supposing similar faults (and many pioneering civil eng. projects have them) were found in something more critical, like the foundations of some piece of nuclear-related infrastructure. If it were a generator, the whole lot would have to be shut down for checks/repairs, compromising electricity supply, and if it were something related to waste processing (I'll stop there!)