Manchester meet-up

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Eternal Sunshine
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Well we met, we drank beer, we talked - but where was Haggis??!! :shock:

Seriously though guys, was good meet you. Not much peak oil discussion, more of a peak oil social, 8) but was well worth it. :D
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Andy Hunt
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Have just woken up after my post-meeting afternoon nap!! :lol:

A nice little gathering, hopefully we can make it a bit more convenient for more folk next time.

Just nice to know there are a few other like-minded folks in this neck of the woods!

Andy Hunt
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Post by wedg1e »

Hi all,

We too enjoyed it!
What's all this napping about? Just got in and had a Quorn curry, it was either a Jalfras or a Madrezi cos we mixed a Madras and Jalfrezi together, it was hot anyhow :oops:

Look forward to next time, maybe we should make it sooner rather than later so we can carry on where we left off rather than getting to know each other again?

Show was good as well, all in all it weren't a bad day!

It does feel good to have spoken to like minded people :D
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