UK drops grade plan.

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Our older daughter has been allocated pass grades in GCSE maths and english. It is very unlikely she would have got them without the U turn, or even if Covid had not occurred . She does not do well in exams because she struggles to focus in stressful conditions.

I do not know what is fair in these circumstances but without the grades she would be stuck permanently at the bottom of the heap and with the impending depression unlikely ever to find work. At least now she can access the next step of vocational training which may give her some chance at independence and self respect. She is so far below the level of discussion in this thread that it would not even register in her brain, because her early life experience has left her so permanently stressed that normal logical thought very often does not apply, as she sees the world through entirely emotional experiences, most of them frightening.

Her younger sister has no prospect of gaining any educational qualifications, and little chance of any independent living because her brain function was damaged, probably before birth by alcohol.
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Sorry to hear that.

Well, as long as she can develop a useful skill, vocational, she should be fine.

Being a hairdresser, for example, is one of the most stable jobs out there!

In regard to the exams, sadly, the massive grade inflation will mean employees will always be a bit careful in regard to the 2020 intake.

Candidates will need to do more outside exams to prove themselves.
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