Russian state of emergency after Arctic Circle oil spill

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vtsnowedin wrote:Maybe not, but what they have appears to go west to the nearest seaport but of course that is summer only and it is summer. At any rate however that tank full of diesel fuel got there will also serve to bring in the cleanup equipment.
Nothing of concern then ?
Once in the environment, oil aint so easy to clean up.....

Exxon Valdez's oily legacy: ... ion-expert
Jeffrey Short testified in a 2009 House Committee on Natural Resources hearing that, “Despite heroic efforts involving more than 11,000 people, 2 billion dollars, and aggressive application of the most advanced technology available, only about 8 percent of the oil was ever recovered
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Mark wrote:.................. only about 8 percent of the oil was ever recovered
The rest is now in sediments at the bottom of the ocean somewhere awaiting to be covered over in the next few thousand years. Probably the same thing has happened in the Gulf of Mexico after the rig disaster there.

This Russian spill will be a little different as there is more light oil which will evaporate and less which will sink.

Meanwhile it will all be leaching toxins into the ocean for quite a while. I wouldn't be eating any fish caught in those areas.
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