If you must buy a "smart" phone...

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If you must buy a "smart" phone...

Post by emordnilap »

...then give this one some serious thought.
Fairphone’s first handset will contain conflict-free minerals, tin and tantallum from the Democratic Republic of Congo, and be made in a factory where a specially established fund in development will ensure living wages are distributed amongst workers. We will provide transparency about its bill of materials, its costs breakdown and its first-tier suppliers.

The phone’s design will feature Dual SIM capability, a replaceable battery and a rootable operating system. Taking into consideration the full lifespan of the product, we have joined existing e-waste programs, have a phone sell back program and offer spare parts of all crucial components through our sales channels.
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Post by JohnB »

If I had a smartphone, I'd need to carry my reading glasses around as well, so I'd need a way to carry both of them, so I may as well take my laptop :D.

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Post by RenewableCandy »

The same applies to most people over the age of about 40. In other words (in the UK anyway). to most people.
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