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Clean British Energy Campaign

Posted: Tue May 22, 2012 7:14 pm
by Aurora
Friends of the Earth

Dear Mr Davey,

I want you to award the country a 'CBE': a Clean British Energy revolution. It's time to switch from dirty imported fossil fuels and develop clean British power from our wind, sun and water.

Your Electricity Market Reform plans must:

Listen to what people want and tap into Britain's wind and tidal resources - the best in Europe - and solar

Ensure the UK isn't locked into another generation of expensive, imported gas

Close the door on expensive nuclear power, which is subsidised by the taxpayer and leaves a legacy of dangerous waste

Reverse the domination of the power market by just a handful of big companies - so new, clean companies get a look-in

Help millions of people around the country plug into affordable clean power and end the scandal of dangerously cold homes
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