Help wanted - PO update quotes & charts for primer

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Help wanted - PO update quotes & charts for primer

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We're putting together an introduction to peak oil, climate change and Transition based on the Transition Primer. However that was last published some time ago (2007/8 from memory) and the quotes are from the early to mid 2000s. A lot has happened since then both in thinking/awareness about PO and with the oil production figures and the economy.

Does anyone have a document we can take quotes & charts from?

Failing that, can you give me links to recent quotes from officialdom about PO? However, because of the currency problem, we may decide to forgo specific quotes and do the 'scene-setting' in some more general way - any ideas?

I've seen charts of oil production, local peak oils and global peak oil, but now that I want to use them of course I can't locate them. Can you point me to graphs of these - preferably copyright-cleared, so your own or copyright-free - or original (easy to read) datasets that can be used to produce graphs? Other ideas?

As the document will be about 8 pages long, we'll do it as an online PDF (also so that we can update it) and just print a few copies off as needed. Have you done this sort of thing yourself? Any tips or suggestions?
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